Human-Centered AI.

SoKat unlocks the hidden value of data through thoughtful and creative human-centric design solutions, comprising of actionable intelligence, transparent data analytics, robust predictive models, and next-generation products.

Intellectual Capital

Executive caliber customized consulting in blockchain, big data, machine learning / AI, innovative entrepreneurial ventures, strategic data management, and financial investments.

Insights from Data

Exploratory data analysis of both structured and unstructured data sets. Gain insight and truly understand the value of your data assets both numerical and textual.

Strategic Digital Assets

Identify, curate, and store valuable digital assets to fuel predictive models. Models are built to work robustly out-of-sample.

Unlocking Digital Value

Build useful applications and products upon the blockchain data layer, to provide significant value to your strategic mission.


Trusted Partners

We believe that excellence starts with keeping your word, delivering on time, and staying under budget. Our goal is to help our partners excel in their missions.

Knowledge Dissemination

With origins in academics, taking time to explain the details and to collaborate with partners is paramount. Our partners have complete transparency into all our best practice solutions.

Thoughtful Execution

We are a local full stack development team capable of building the most disruptive solutions. Such power should only be applied with careful and mindful societal considerations.


Artificial Intelligence applied to Federal Grants -- Government Innovation Award winner 2018 and 2019!


The US Federal government awards approximately $750 billion in grants annually. Our client processes around 10% of all Federal grants for their +1,500 grant programs. Following a pilot project over Summer 2017 which demonstrated that new insights and capabilities could be drawn from the data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the client agreed to engage SoKat for a longer tenure to expand the pilot project and implement AI/ML tools into production. In August 2018, the client was recognized as one of the winners in the 2018 Government Innovation Award for the "Intelligent Grant Automation" project. The client was honored for the team effort of applying AI/ML technologies to the Federal Grant domain. Continuation of this work resulted in launching Recipient Insight currently in production and available to all Feds and PIIV card holders approximately 8-9 million people in total. Recipient Insight was awarded the Government Innovation Award in 2019.  

Organizational Health Profile Risk Prediction Model Deployed


Grantee organizations receiving more than $750,000 annually are subject to a mandatory audit. Grantee recipients with poor historical track record and who have other negative factors are more likely to become audited for adverse events, such as noncompliance or reportable conditions. Using a AI/ML algorithm and multiple data sets, SoKat built and deployed the Recipient Profile model that predicts the probability of audit findings with 96% accuracy. The application also displays aggregated descriptive data tailored to the needs of the client. This tool helps the awarding organization or grantor better identify and understand the organizational risks inherent in awarding significant grants and is currently in production within the client’s infrastructure.

Federal Grants Blockchain Deployed into Production


According to Booz Allen Hamilton, Data Foundation Review Government Blockchain Applications, we deployed into production the first Federal grants blockchain that helps reduce the application and reporting burden on grantees and improves the overall data management, transparency, and provenance of grants. Blockchain reduces the costs borne by government agencies as an immutable, secured ledger that stores and shares information. As grants are ultimately funded by taxpayer dollars, grantee spending should be transparently available to the public. We are working closely with our partners to build and deploy scalable grant blockchain applications that strengthen their missions and ultimately drives up their ROIs.